Saturdays 25th August and 29th September 2018 from 10.00 am – 12 noon

The idea of this event is to bring along some of the surpluses from your gardens or kitchens and exchange them, so that more of us get what we want and can eat,store, freeze, or otherwise use the fresh produce that is abundant at this time of year.

 We hope it will be a bit of fun, as well as being a fundraiser to help the Village Hall.

Not everyone will have something to exchange, but you can still come along and obtain fresh produce in exchange for a donation.

It works like this:
  1. Bring along what you want to exchange in quantities that are worth about £1.50 – it might be a quantity of fruit or vegetables, a bunch of flowers, half a dozen eggs, a pot of jam or chutney etc
  2. You might just bring one thing, it might be 20 – or any number between
  3. When you arrive we will give you a token – ‘one Ruddon’ – for each of the items you want to exchange. So if you bring two pots of jam, three bundles of veg and a bunch of flowers, you would get 6 ‘Ruddons’
  4. Your produce goes on the Exchange stalls, and you then use your Ruddons to get what you want from the same stall
  5. Everything up for exchange will have a value of one Ruddon
  6. Ruddons will have no value after the event
  7. If you don’t have anything to exchange, or you want to ‘buy’ more than you bring, you can make a donation of  £1.50 per Ruddon
  8. You cannot bring back Ruddons or produce and ask for money for them. You are donating your produce and getting something back for it, but you might choose not to get or take back as much as you bring!
Separately to the exchange, we will also have our usual market stalls and refreshments – teas, coffees, brunch etc.